The Foansillies never ending quest is for a ring.
Their evergoing search occurs staring at the Thing

gripped tight as their Foansilly Palm can grip it.
From out of their hands not a Strongman could rip it.

For a long time I wondered about this Foansilly way
‘til I met one once, and said to him, “Hey,

Should a ring from that Thing one day arise,
how will you contain yourself at the surprise?

For it seems all Foansillies spend all their time searching,
Has any Foansilly found anything?
Or could it be, maybe, that there is no ring??”

This Foansilly laughed at me, “No, of course not.
There are so many rings, there are more than a lot.

It isn’t one ring that we Foansillies chase.
It’s the next ring…then the next…on and on, like outer space!”

I said, “But that search sounds like time not well spent.”
“Well perhaps then,” he said, “Our name’s no accident.”


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