Ethylene the Apple Queen
Has had more apples
Than greenery has green
Than scenery has scenes
Than jeaneries make jeans
When it comes to apples
The girl’s a fiend.
Green, Golden, or Red
To her they’re all delicious
And when it comes to sampling
She’s orchard-big-ambitious:
Ethylene churns
Through bushels of Braeburns,
Pink Ladies, Honey Crisps,
Cameos, Granny Smiths.
On her Jonagolds
Never grow mold,
About the Empire or Rome,
She could write a tome.
Sweets, tarts, for baking,
For biting into’em,
For cinnamon sugaring,
Or chocolate fondu’in’em,
She gives parties for Sonyas
And Galas to girls:
To her around the apple
Spins the world.
No mountain of Fujis
Could be too high,
For Ethylene the Apple Queen
who needs apples like kites need the sky.

SPREADING CHEER - All but the farmers who grow fillings for cavities smile at the sight of a rosy red apple. (Photo by Pac)

NO BIGGER F.O.E. – Happy Apple (above) is one of the oldest known Friends of Ethylene. (Photo by PaC)

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