Halfway through making pancakes
Pop Pop discovered
we had no maple syrup
inside our cupboard.

“But don’t worry,” Pop Pop said,
“now’s our chance to create
savory pancakes.
Oh boy, will this be great!

“Just imagine our options,”
Pop Pop cried from the stove.
“We can season’em with garlic
or basil, or cloves!

“We can mix in anchovies
and it won’t be odd!
We can use pesto, pepper
or olive tapenade!”

My brother and I
didn’t know what to say.
Pop Pop was so excited,
this was making his day.

He kept flipping pancakes
on and off of the griddle,
while suggesting side dishes
like Beef Jerky Brittle.

That’s when Mom walked in with
some bags from the store.
“We needed syrup,” she said,
“So I went to buy more.”

“Oh well,” Pop Pop said smiling,
“Savory pancakes must wait.”
“Gee, Pop,” I said, “too bad.
They were gonna’ be great.”


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