I was at the Café Genie
Late at night one Halloweeny
When over at a table teeny
I spied Izzy Rossellini
And her pal Rico Fellini
Washing down some hot crostini
(featuring local zucchini)
With what looked like ice cold bellinis.

Suddenly to their table teeny
A fan approached in a blue beanie.
I can’t say what was said betweeny
Them but it became a sceney:
Off flew Rico’s velveteeny
Coat, revealing a bikini
tee while Izzy Rossellini
Rolled a film camera machiney.
POOF! came smoke to form a screeney
Like something blown to smithereenies.

When the air cleared like martinis
There with Izzy and Fellini
was Harold Horatio Hank Houdini
(Known to his friends as H-Quadrini).
And gone now was that old blue beanie
That made him look like a fan weanie.
Together, H-Quad, ‘Lini, and ‘Lini
Debated flavors of spumini,
Until deciding spearmintini
Was tied for best with rum raisini.

It all happened that night indeedy,
Yes sir, it sure was a sceney
The Halloweeny at Café Genie
When I spied Izzy Rossellini

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Doodles made in tempera on paper from across the Cafe Genie, that Halloweeny.


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