A Waterloo kangaroo
met a Syracuse moose
looking for a Buffalo crow

flying with a York stork
and a Champaign crane
who once knew a San Francisco doe

speaking Bismarck Lark
to a Montauk hawk
with a swine from the Mason-Dixon line

while a Worcester rooster
and Delaware bear
made plans to dine at nine

at Decatur Alligator’s
where the famed Seattle Cattle
played behind the Ocala Koala

who opened the show,
“Here’s one ya’ll know
called, ‘My Friend in the Zoo in Walla Walla.’”



Studying the dictionary,
Johnny Corkforbrains
Got stuck up at the top one day
Then down his knowledge rained:

“Avocado, alligator …
skins not not the same …
and an A resides
at the start of both your names!

The gator grows in swamps,
The ‘cado grows on trees,
But trees are FOUND in swamps …
How different can you be?

How leathery you feel,
How deep dark green you look,
Like pictures of each other
That I have seen in books.

Of course in person, no,
I’ve never met your kinds,
But don’t see how not doing so
Could put my views behind?

The chance you’re NOT related
To me seems mighty small,
No two such similar dermises
Could not be connected at all.

For further proof, consider:
The gator’s alias, ‘Croc’,
Which just so happens sounds just like
The ‘cado’s alt-name, ‘Guac’.

Believe they’re not kin if you must,
Avocado, alligator.
But trust me there’ll be evidence:
Birth certificates released later.”