Before Mama went out
she said to the sitter

“If you please, I’ll need you
to make the kids’ dinner.

They’ll eat anything
so it should be easy.

Oh, but try not to make
anything that’s too greasy.

Other than that, really,
anything will do.

But. . .things with strong smells
they’ll spit back with a Peeee-uuuuuu!

Otherwise, trust me,
it won’t be hard,

Juuust – don’t try to serve
food that comes from a jar.

And best not to try fooling,
their jar-dar is keen.

And if she senses any tricks
the little one gets mean.

But I mean it, they’ll eat whatever
And if they fuss, don’t take it.

Though should they ask for a thing you don’t know
I’d learn quickly how to make it.”

How fast that sitter could learn to cook
I guess we’ll never know

But out through an open window
We’re certain she could quickly go.