All around our room

Sister and me
Rolled a ball, one-two-three!

I rolled one too lazy

And under the bed the ball veered
And disappeared.

That’s when trying to recover it
Sis’n’I discovered it:

A dust mammoth so large
And – we swear – about to charge

Thru the regular under-bed-dust-creature zone
To scare we intruders from its dust home.

Our fear and respect for the beast was so great
there was no time to consider our misplaced ball’s fate.

So from the dust mammoth’s sight we retreated
Any hope to recover the ball now depleted.

Right away we found Mom and told her the tale
And right away came her answer, a Mom-one, without fail:

“If you’re afraid of dust creatures bigger than a dust mouse,
Then if I were you I wouldn’t play ball in the house.”