Not working is no crime
during Gooftime,
when doodling, napping,
or day-dreaming are fine.

Gooftime is for play
and a while each day,
it’s a lighthearted state
worth at least a brief stay.

So try it and see
how much happier you’ll be
once you begin to
take Gooftime seriously.

PUSH IT REAL GOOD - The Envelope of Gooftime

“PUSH IT REAL GOOD” – The Envelope of Gooftime (art by PaC).  For more Gooftime art, check out this fabulous work by @sandeehjorth


Sidewalk chalk and bubble wands

make for fun outside,

brightening the pavement

and soaping up the sky.

So if your Worry Drain’s backed up

on any given day,

get some colored chalk, a jug of suds,

go outside and play.


(Photo: PaC)


Billy’s a Rule Guy
but a happy guy, too,
That’s why “Have fun doing it”
is his Rule #1.

And since, “The more the merrier”
is Billy’s #2,
he made Rule #3:
“Invest in mutual fun.”


FABILLOUS – The real “Billy D.” surrounded by two strong-arm members of his film crew that “he blithely called his goons”, once wore this custom made helmet-camera into a mosh pit to capture the special intimacy of a Slayer concert as it had never been captured before. Not once in the dozen years that I knew him did he respond to the question, “How you doing, Billy?” any other way than with a smile and a single word: “Fabulous.” The world lost a little sunshine this week when Billy left us, but to those who knew him, his image – let alone the images he captured – will never fade away. Here’s a video tribute to Billy Driber: NFL Films Legend, a New York Times profile of him, and the story of his part in the rock’n’roll history of America’s Football Movie Makers. (Photo: Richard Owens)