All day I could eat ice cream

Then still have more at night

To say there is a time I can’t eat ice cream

is not right.

That’s why in all my belt loops

I hook on sixteen spoons,

It’s why at my house there’s

Ten freezers in each room

And toppings stashed inside the pocket

Of each coat I own

And why I’m working on a way

To eat ice cream through my phone.

Ice cream may not be perfect

But it’s very very close

So to sundaes, cones, and chipwiches,

Let’s raise an ice cream toast.



If like their pine cone cousins

ice cream cones could grow on trees,

think how many forests

would serve happiness for free.

And if on nature’s dessert

rainbow sprinkles like snowflakes fell,

the world might no longer

have a need for wishing wells.