For what does the poolside mantis pray?

An umbrella drink,

A chameleon who’ll play?

Some clouds to give shade

From the heat of the day?

The salty breeze

Of a distant bay?

To escape the view

Of the hungry blue jay?

The showers of April

The flowers of May?

The observers’ wonder

But the mantis won’t say

For if anything what

By the poolside he prays.


(Photo: PaC)


IMG_4015 - Version 2

The clouds are playing tug-o-war

IMG_4020 - Version 2

The high tree limbs are keeping score

IMG_4013 - Version 2

Too early to rise too late to snore

IMG_4014 - Version 2

More horizontal horizon spotting in store.

IMG_4011 - Version 2

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