Mom helps with math
And is usually good
But subtracting sometimes
She takes more than she should

Like when I take ten
Candies out of our jar
And she says “Give them ALL back!”
That’s taking too far.

So I say, “If you take one
Then I’ll have nine.
Not great, but a difference
I guess will be fine.”

Then she says “I think
That I’ll take all ten now.”
That she ever passed math this way
I don’t know how.


L’il Sissy is a spoon
always stirrin’ stirrin’ stirrin’,

Li’l Sissy is a kitty
always purrin’ purrin purrin’,

Li’l Sissy makes me giggle
how she coos coos coos,

which makes Mama laugh and say,
“Your Sis reminds me of you.”

I say, “Mama that’s silly,
I’m growin’ growin’ growin,

A big strong brave kid
filled with knowin’ knowin’ knowin’”.

She smiles’n’says “Yes,
but even though that may be true

Mama can still see the
itty bitty kitty spoon in you.”