No business card order
made Jim’s Print Shop squirm
like the monthly one from
the Dublin law firm

of “O’Billy, O’Biley, O’Riley, O’Connell,
MacDougal, MacTavish, MacCabbage, MacDonald,
Kilkenny, Kilpatrick, Fitzpatrick, Kilboyle,
McLanahan, Shanahan, Flanagan, Doyle.”

So many Dubliners would make almost any Jim's head spin.

So many Dubliners would make almost any Jim’s head spin. (Photo: PaC)


It does no good
To just look good
When real good you could achieve

Because doing can rarely be misconstrued
While appearances
Often deceive.

That’s why the straightest, strongest, tallest
“KEEP OUT” sign there is

Will always be more askew than
The crookedest “WELCOME” sign in the biz.


(Photo: PaC)