This day may be like
None ever before,
When a who-knows-what ceiling
For you is in store,

When a leap in the bay
From a motor boat side
Is only the start
Of your who-knows-where ride,

Today may be when
You write your first song,
A number so good it sounds good
On a gong!

You might tour a city,
Paint portraits pretty,
Learn who-knows-what game,
Write jokes that are witty,

Cook from a new page of your recipe book,
Decode that mistake you feared would stay mistook.
Just after that where next this day may go,
If you play your cards right, who-could-possibly know?

Maybe fishing with brother,
Or soccer with sis,
Or the last chapter of
“The Great Adventuress.”

Today’s who-knows-what ceiling
Is … well … who can say?
Only you because this
Is going to be your day.


Wipe up the crumbs,
Brush them away,
But once they’re gone, Mom,
Know our patrons won’t stay.

They come for the mess,
With their long walks they pay,
Knowing the good stuff’s
Here all night and all day.

Mom, you want a clean floor,
You beg and you pray,
But a clean floor will shut down
Our 24-Hour
Ant Buffet.


STICKY TILE SMILES: On last night’s fumbled dinner pea munches this morning’s satisfied customer at The 24-Hour Ant Buffet. (Illustration by Jane)