Red is dead,
Green can’t be seen,
Blue’s invisiblue,
Orange is gone, too.
Yellow, fine fellow,
And Purple have failed.
So the last working part of my markers
 — sniffle –
The caps
— sniffle, sniffle –
are for sale.


ALL THAT YOU CAP LEAVE BEHIND — In the world of markers, caplessness is next to colorlessness.(Photo:PaC)


It started in our family room,
then into the kitchen it seeped,
taking the front closet and hallway
before up the stairway it creeped.

What once was my bathroom it conquered,
it moved boldly through Mom and Dad’s room,
every space in our place was exploded
by its life-changing clutter kabooms.

It’s been so long ago since it started,
this unyielding advance like no other,
that by now it’s become fact there’s no stopping
the Invasion of Our New Kid Brother.

BIGFOOTING LITTLE BIGFOOT – Our kid brother’s invasion was not bloodless, noiseless, or unsuccessful. He now controls all or part of every sector. (Photo by PaC)