On every other ride
of the Nantucket Rail
the caboose is the front
and the engine the tail,

When in a straight line it goes
then backs up straight,
Club cars of sightseers
and seafood, its freight.

So much saved steel!
All those safe dunes!
All the time saved to ‘Sconset
AND back by noon!

See Lighthouses, Windmills,
Cisco in your pail,
on the Commonwealth’s finest
The Nantucket Rail,

Like no other train,
it drives forward and back:
A steam-powered pendulum
Criss-crossing ACK.


Dad’s gone on a trip
to the land of Sweeten,
and we just can’t imagine
all the sugar that he’s eatin’!

He says the Sweetish countryside
is like none you’ve seen.
So I just bet it’s miles and miles
made of cake and jelly beans.

And where the Sweetish lands end
Dad says on one side is Finland.
Where I’m sure the locals swim well
being that they’re Fin-men.

Dad also said the other side
of Sweeten’s known as Norway.
(The Neitherlands oughta be part of that,
Maybe it will someday.)

Why some places are called what
often is a mystery,
but not Norway, Finland, or Sweeten,
the clearest named places in history.

ROLLING in NOLA: A Steller Story from Making a Movie in New Orleans

For the past six months I’ve had the great good fortune of working on a documentary film about a remarkable year in the life of the city of New Orleans. Here is a Steller Story photo journal behind the scenes of the production.

The film, titled “The Timeline: Rebirth in New Orleans”, tells the story of how after Hurricane Katrina, a great city, its football team the Saints, and their iconic stadium the Superdome were forced to respond to an unprecedented natural disaster.  It premieres on Wednesday, September 21 at 8pm/ET on NFL Network, and features new interviews with Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and former NFL safety and ALS advocate Steve Gleason.