An hour ago Kid Brother
wore booties on his feet,
till, we thought, the Baby Sock Bandit took’em
and snuck out into the street.

So we found a second pair of booties
and put’em on Kid Brother,
but, again, without us seeing him,
the Baby Sock Bandit made off with another.

So another pair we fetched
and then another then another,
before finally realizing the Baby Sock Bandit
was none other than Kid Brother.


Mother reads the paper,
meanwhile Mary climbs the stairs.

Sister rides her bike,
meanwhile Mary plays with flares.

Father’s at the store,
meanwhile Mary has the phone.

In the tank the fish are swimming,
meanwhile Mary dials Rome.

While Mary never says it,
We’re pretty sure that she means well,

Even if when no one’s looking,
It seems she’s always raising – “Hell-hello?….Roma?”


(Drawing: PaC)


Mom by accident

I put your make-up on.

Accidentally I moved the plunger

in the car from in the john.

By accident I got turpentine

on the ceiling fan.

Somehow I found a way

to melt papayas in the van.

How all of this happened

I wish I could tell you more

But I can’t escape my room,

there’s gobs of gum in the lock on the door.

Why yes, you’re right it happened

accidentally, of course!