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Egg on My Space . . . #flashbackfriday to 40 years ago, when this stained glass window rendering of Albany’s own Corning Tower and The Egg was designed and built by my father, Chris. For nearly two decades it hung around the corner from the buildings that inspired it as part of a six window set he created for the dining room of my Uncle Tony’s restaurant, Anthony’s Park Plaza. Today, this piece of Albany and my family’s history adorns my office at NFL Films in Mount Laurel, NJ – nearly 250 miles from where it and I was born, but nonetheless, providing a crystal clear view of our hometown. . . . . . . . . (Inset photos include: Anthony’s at 27 Elk Street, circa 1985 ; Dad and I on stage at Albany’s Palace Theatre, 2015) . . . . . . . . #albany #albanyny #theegg #corningtower #downtownalbany #518 #stainedglass #stainedglassart #stainedglasswindow #upstateny #discoveralbany #iloveny #stainedglasswindow #empirestateplaza #albanyarchives #downtownalbanybid #palacetheatre

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Twelve letters say it:
Why Not The Egg?
Up there so high
without even one leg.

Why Not The Egg?
It isn’t a joke:
It just might contain
Planet Earth’s biggest yolk,

Or hard boiled folk,
Or a shell hard as oak
Or be filled to the brim
With Poached Cherry Coke.

The Egg is no yoke
that saddles its city,
As giant Egg buildings go
it’s downright pretty

Making the skyline
so very fine
It’s an Egg to admire,
not on which to dine.

The scramble to see it
does not ever stop,
Not its round belly bottom
or skyward flat top.

All that and more
is why it’s no bull
That Egg lovers glasses
are always half full.

Shouting, “Why Not The Egg?”
Those twelve little letters
For Egg-love reminders
no Dozen is better.

SUI EGGENERIS: The Egg – Albany, NY