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Egg on My Space . . . #flashbackfriday to 40 years ago, when this stained glass window rendering of Albany’s own Corning Tower and The Egg was designed and built by my father, Chris. For nearly two decades it hung around the corner from the buildings that inspired it as part of a six window set he created for the dining room of my Uncle Tony’s restaurant, Anthony’s Park Plaza. Today, this piece of Albany and my family’s history adorns my office at NFL Films in Mount Laurel, NJ – nearly 250 miles from where it and I was born, but nonetheless, providing a crystal clear view of our hometown. . . . . . . . . (Inset photos include: Anthony’s at 27 Elk Street, circa 1985 ; Dad and I on stage at Albany’s Palace Theatre, 2015) . . . . . . . . #albany #albanyny #theegg #corningtower #downtownalbany #518 #stainedglass #stainedglassart #stainedglasswindow #upstateny #discoveralbany #iloveny #stainedglasswindow #empirestateplaza #albanyarchives #downtownalbanybid #palacetheatre

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UPDATED 9/18/17: To see this poem as a fully photo illustrated STELLER STORY, click here.

Up in the Hudson Valley
Lived a dog named Zo
He was always the biggest pooch
Wherever he would go.

Weighing more than most grownups,
Even far away he looked tall,
“No dog in all this land,” thought Zo,
“Could ever make me feel small.”

As he started each day
That was Zo’s world view
It kept his sun warm,
Made his sky extra blue.

And that’s how it was
As he strolled a new street
One morning and looked up
And saw two large feet,

And above them huge legs,
Giant ears, a big kisser,
Eyes climbing, Zo thought,
“What have we got here, Mister?

“That can’t be a dog,
There’s no way. But it is.
Up there … on that roof ….
That whole building is his.

“Do my peepers deceive me?
Is he bigger than I?
Who am I kidding?
He blocks out the sky!

“Could he be part Bull?
Smooth Fox? Jack Russell?
Would even Godzilla
With this fella tussle?”

Politely Zo nodded
And yipped a hello.
The roof dog’s response
Was too slight to show.

Or too little, at least,
To detect from the street,
At the level of Zo’s
Now fast moving feet.

“Good day sir,” Zo barked,
without looking back,
“It appears on this street
You’ve got things well intact.

“Should you stop what you’re doing
because of me? No!
You just hang out up there,
I’ll go keep being Zo.”

Then off he moseyed
Politely smiling
While in his brain this address
He was filing.

Good old clear sighted Zo
Still gets thrown in a fog
Thinking back to first meeting
That other big dog.

O. bOy

To be like
the letter O,
around and around
you must go.


Turn all day
but corners resist,
like a gyroscope-dreidel-top
let spinning persist.


Then when a donut
Is in your looking glass –
Holey Hula-hoop, you’ve made it! –
You’re an O at last.


Pan-O-Ramas, from Top:
The Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ ;
The Palace Theater, Albany, NY ;
John Boyd Thatcher State Park ; Voorheesville, NY ;
Photos: PaC